From the banks of the lake precious fabrics exported throughout the world
The enchanting shores of the Lake Lugano on the Italian side provided the ideal landscape for the creative mind underpinning the foundation of the mill E.Thomas, established by Mr. Ernesto Thomas in Brusimpiano in 1922.
Over the years the company attracted qualified labour, thus contributing to the revitalization of the entire neighbouring area, that had been suffering economically after the first World War.
From the very beginning, the destiny of the Thomas’ family has been linked to that of the surrounding territory, giving rise to a happy blend. The economy of the area started flourishing parallel to the successes achieved by the wool mill, ever since run by the Thomas’ family itself and by the offspring of the Ronchi family for four generations. The company specialized in the production of top quality fabrics both fancy and plain for menswear, occasionally for ladieswear, made from the finest and most valuable selected Australian wools.